Cleaning outsourcing

If your company does not have the opportunity to keep the staff of cleaners, outsourcing service will be an exellent solution to maintain order and cleanliness. Services cleaning, dry cleaning of carpets and furniture as well as cleaning areas will be performed by invited staff within the required timeframe, or if long-term contracts, performed regulary in the time allotted.

The search and selection of personnel or, if necessary, its replacement is one of the activities of the company Crystal.


Cleaning office space


The office is not only a worplace of nuerous eployees, but also a roo constantly visited by partners, contractors and clients. Within the walls of office space deals and contracts are concluded,  meetings and events are held. Conference rooms, reception roos and other business premises  are an inseparable part of the company's image, their cleanliness and order directly speaks about the approach to doing business.

Cleaning company Crystal will carry out a complex of measures for cleaning of office premises,  the result of which will be the level of cleanliness required for a particular industry or service sector, regularly or with a frequency determined by the customer. Health and well-being of people, as well as the safety of finishing coatings, furnishings, equipment and equipment guarantee the professional actions of the cleaning company team.

The difficulties of maintaining cleanliness in the premises, the operation of which is around the clock, well known to owners of such enterprises. The organization of cleaning, taking into account the level and composition of pollution, professional cleaners will take over, and the room will be brought into line with sanitary standarts in a short time.

Cleaning from dirt, dust, debris, maintaining clean bathrooms and dining area cleaning team will in areas with a large concentration of people quickly and effeciently to restore order.

Thanks to our specialists, office cleaning will be an unobtrusive and convenient component of your business processes.

At the same time, the entire system of office work, including payment of wages, training and control over the performance of duties is carried out by our company. You just need to sign an outsourcing agreement and use the services of cleaners at the right time.


Cleaning of commercial premises

Cleaning of commercial premises by a cleaning company gives an excellent result and retains a long-term effect. Regular daily or scheduled cleaning will allow you to keep the office, Bank, trading room, restaurant, hotel or other commercial premises perfectly clean.

For enterprises and organizations, the conclusion of a long-term contract with a professional cleaning company is convenient and profitable. Not necessary to include the engineering staff, to invite the temporary persons who sometimes are not famaliar with the technology and the procedure of cleaning a particular type, to provide a place for storage of tools and cleaning agents in terms of the sometimes limited space.

A team of professional cleaners, with chemical and detergents, equipment for cleaning and washing, tools that allow you quickly perform the work, will assess the nature and composition of pollution and clearly, methodically and regularly will bring your room in order. The rest of the hotel guests, visitors to restaurants or cafes will not be disturbed. The work of the office staff will not stop. Convenient time for cleaning will be specified in the service contract for the provision of cleaning services.